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Welcome to YC

A quick start guide for your YC Series Stage Keyboard.
Thanks for purchasing YC. This guide is designed to help get you up and making music ASAP!


Make sure you have all of the following items in the YC box. If you don’t, please contact your favorite authorized Yamaha dealer.
  • Owner’s manuals (download PDF manuals here.)
  • IEC Cable
  • FC3A (YC73 and YC88 only)


Here are a few tips to get you up and running as soon as possible.


Connect the supplied power cord to the [AC IN] jack on the instrument’s rear panel. Connect the other end of the power cord to an AC outlet. Make sure your instrument the voltage requirement for the country or region in which it is being used.


To connect the audio output: Use the two 1/4" standard mono phone (unbalanced) jacks together to output stereo audio signals. When using mono output, connect only to the [L/MONO].

For the best sound quality, we recommend connecting your instrument to a mixer, audio interface or powered speakers in stereo. Many of the instrument sounds are sampled/programmed in stereo and many of the effects are stereo effects as well. All of these elements sound acceptable in MONO but are best if amplified in STEREO. We don’t recommend connecting to guitar or keyboard amps unless you’re going for a special effect.

Set the appropriate input gain on your mixer, audio interface or powered speakers. Then adjust the output level to the optimal level for your playing and listening environment. For more information on input gain and gain staging go here.


To set the gain of the AUX input: These jacks allow you to connect an external audio device like a second keyboard, mixer or any music playback device and mix the output of that device with the YC’s outputs. Use the [GAIN] knob to adjust the volume balance.


On the YC keyboard there are two USB connections, TO HOST and TO DEVICE. The TO HOST connection is for connecting the YC to a computer or Mobile device, using a USB cable. The TO DEVICE USB connection is for connecting USB memory device, like a USB flash drive, so that the internal content created in the YC can be store on an external memory device.


For best results, do this after setting optimizing your gain staging above. Want to know more about optimal gain staging? Check out this excellent article.

The scale of velocity (how hard you hit the keys) varies greatly from player to player. Adjustment to the level of velocity sensitivity on the YC keyboard can be adjusted to your playing preference. Simply press the [TOUCH] button (below the display) and select from five different velocity response choices.


YC Series keyboards have three different Sections (Organ, Keys A and Keys B.) The LIVE SET is a way to store and recall Section combinations.

There are 20 Pages of LIVE SETS, each LIVE SET Page containing eight LIVE SETS. To select a LIVE SET Page, press the [PAGE +] or [PAGE -] buttons. To select an individual LIVE SET, simply press one of the 8 [LIVE SET] buttons (1-8) below the YC display screen.


A few more quick tips for navigating YC:

  • Instrument Sections can be turned “On” and “Off” by flipping the toggle switch in each Instrument Section on the YC.
  • In the Organ Instrument there are 6 different organ models that can be selected, using the black rotary dial in the Organ Instrument section.
  • To select sounds in the Key A oy Key B Instrument section, turn on Key A or B and then choose from 4 categories (Piano, Electric Piano, Synth, or Others) and then use the red toggle switch to select a desired sound.
  • In addition to the instrument sounds in all sections, there are a variety of effects for additional sound exploration.
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