YC Series

On the organ section and beyond!
All your Live Set Sounds in a single file.
Routing effects is easy with the YC Series one-to-one interface.
Get your go-to sound when YC powers on.
It’s easy to connect the YC Series to an iOS device.
Add some vintage character to your organ sound.
Learn how to change drawbar response.
Here’s a quick start guide for connecting your new YC Stage Keyboard to your computer or iOS device.
Create a split AND layer in seconds!
Learn how to customize your YC Drawbar LED colors in less than a minute!
Check out Yamaha Synthesizer Artist Neil Tankersley’s custom keyboard rig.
This YC SynthTip shows a handy shortcut for drawbar settings.
Here's another way to personilize your YC Organ sounds.
This YC SynthTip shows you how to split the upper and lower manuals.
This YC Series SynthTips adds authenticity to the VCM Rotary Speaker effect.
Check out this useful YC Series SynthTip.
From keyboardist and producer, Yancy.
Three great YC videos from Woody!
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