YC Series

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Using Master Mode and Simon Oslender Interview.
Three cool solo performances.
From Featherlight Studio.
Blake and Nate chat about YC OS v1.2.
New YC Series Editor and Librarian
YC OS v1.2 Overview and a Smart Morph Tutorial!
Check it out!
New Rotary Speaker, FM Organ Types and more!
FM Unison is a great sound shaping tool.
It’s all done with a single knob!
Control the volume of an external audio track.
Send MIDI controller data to hardware and virtual instruments.
Change the way the filter responds.
Change the way the EG Filter Knob responds!
There are two ways to accomplish this. Read on to learn them both!
Use an FC3A, FC4A or FC5 for rotary speaker speed control
The FC7 Foot Controller is a must have for your YC Series Stage Keyboard
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