YC Series

Mastering YC: Menus vs Settings
Understanding Menus and Settings will help you configure the YC61 for your needs.
Mastering YC: The Keys Section
Pianos, Electric Pianos, Strings, Brass, Pads, Leads and Much More.
Mastering YC: Splits and Layers
Setting up Splits and Layers is easy on the YC61. This article will show you how it’s done.
Mastering YC: The Organ Section
A closer look at the new Organ Section and Rotary Speaker in the YC61 Stage Keyboard.
Behind the Synth: Nicholas Semrad Chat
Blake and Nate chat with keyboardist, Nicholas Semrad.
Tech Talk: YC61 MIDI Connectivity
Check out the YC61 MIDI Connectivity episode of Tech Talk Live. 
Tech Talk: YC61 Splits and Layers
We discussed Splits and Layers on the last episode of Tech Talk Live. 
Mastering YC: Connecting External Keyboards
Expand Your Keyboard Landscape.
Tech Talk: YC61 Keys Section
The Tech Talk Replay of July 28 we checked out the YC61 Keys Section.
Behind the Synth: Bro Paul Brown Chat
This week's Behind the Synth features the great Bro Paul Brown!
SynthBits: YC61 Review by Featherlight Studios
Check out this comprehensive review of the YC61 Stage Keyboard from Featherlight Studios.
Tech Talk: YC61 Organ Section
Tech Talk Live replay on the Yamaha YC61 Stage Keyboard Organ Section
Mastering YC: How to add LIVE SET names to Cubase
Want to select YC61 LIVE SETS by name from Cubase? Read on!
Live Sessions: Jonas Gröning and Stefan Jernståhl on YC61
Check out this live Performance from NAMM 2020!
Live Sessions: Jonas Gröning Live Performance NAMM 2020
Jonas Gröning plays the YC61 during NAMM 2020.
SynthBits: Dom Sigalas Explores YC61 Live Set Sounds
Check out Dom’s exploration of the Live Set Sounds of the YC61 Stage Keyboard.
NAMM 2020 Tech Talks
Tech Talks are product overviews from our international team of demonstrators. During NAMM 2020 we focused on MONTAGE, MODX, YC61 and CP73/88. Check out all the Tech Talks below.
NAMM 2020: Live Performances
Check out the great live performances from NAMM 2020.

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