YC Series

SynthBits: YC Series iOS Integration
It’s easy to connect the YC Series to an iOS device.
YC SynthTips: Customize Leak Level
Add some vintage character to your organ sound.
YC SynthTips: Customize Drawbar Behavior
Learn how to change drawbar response.
Connecting YC
Here’s a quick start guide for connecting your new YC Stage Keyboard to your computer or iOS device.
YC SynthTips: Create Split/Layer Combos
Create a split AND layer in seconds!
YC SynthTips: Custom Drawbar LED Colors
Learn how to customize your YC Drawbar LED colors in less than a minute!
Neil Tankersley Rig Rundown
Check out Yamaha Synthesizer Artist Neil Tankersley’s custom keyboard rig.
YC Synthtips: How to View a Current Drawbar Setting
YC Synthtips: How to View a Current Drawbar Setting
This YC SynthTip shows a handy shortcut for drawbar settings.
YC SynthTips: Customizing Key Click
Here's another way to personilize your YC Organ sounds.
YC SynthTips: How to Split the Organ Section
This YC SynthTip shows you how to split the upper and lower manuals.
YC SynthTips: Adjusting Rotary Background Noise
This YC Series SynthTips adds authenticity to the VCM Rotary Speaker effect.
YC SynthTips: Assigning FC7 to Key Section Volume
Check out this useful YC Series SynthTip.
SynthBits: YC88 Sound Demo
From keyboardist and producer, Yancy.
SynthBits: YC Series Videos from Woody Piano Shack
Three great YC videos from Woody!
YC SynthTips: Control Rotary Speed with FC4A/FC5
Check out this YC Series SynthTip.
SynthBits: Michele Papadia YC61 Performance
Check out this smokin' trio led by Michele Papadia!
Expanding YC
But wait, there’s more stuff for your YC Series Stage Keyboard!
Welcome to YC
A quick start guide for your YC Series Stage Keyboard.
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