YC Series

A cool feature in the Soundmondo iOS app.
Save and load your sounds.
Use the handy Live Set Manager for efficient organization.
Check out these shortcuts!
Create an authentic dual manual organ experience.
Play Keys A/B from an external MIDI controller.
Streamline your creativity with the YC Series USB audio/MIDI interface.
YC Series Workshop with Larry Goldings.
Creative YC Live Sets, playing Rhythm Changes and more.
Combine the Organ and Keys Sections
Create cool sound combinations with YC Series.
On the organ section and beyond!
All your Live Set Sounds in a single file.
Level up your livestreaming audio.
Routing effects is easy with the YC Series one-to-one interface.
Get your go-to sound when YC powers on.
It’s easy to connect the YC Series to an iOS device.
Add some vintage character to your organ sound.
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