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Superbooth 2019: Hans-Peter Henkel with MONTAGE, Seaboard Rise 49 and Camelot Pro

Check out this great demonstration of pure FM-X Synthesis in MONTAGE using a ROLi Seaboard Rise 49 and Camelot Pro.
One of the coolest musical demonstrations at Superbooth 19 was the one below featuring Yamaha Synthesizer Guru Hans-Peter Henkel. In this video he uses all 16 Parts of a MONTAGE Performance simultaneously--8 Parts controlled with MONTAGE and 8 controlled with the Seaboard Rise 49 connected via Camelot Pro on an iPad®. That alone is cool, especially the realtime control over FM-X! What makes it even cooler is ALL parts are FM-X and the sounds he generates are especially remarkable. Check it out below:

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