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It's all about Music Production

Music Production is a creative process - the instrument is what you use to express yourself. It is an important tool and this site is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your instrument.

This site will work as a two-way conduit for achieving the goal. We have the facilities here to build this into an extremely useful resource that can help you reach your goal in creating your own unique brand of music. One of the things I've learned is that there is never just one way to approach things and this is especially true with truly creative tools. And that is certainly what you have with the Yamaha synthesizers and music production products this site aims to support.

We hope to hear from you, and not just your questions and product wishes but your music produced with the supported instruments. During the 40th Anniversary celebration please take advantage of grabbing the "Yamaha Cloud Recorder" or the "Yamaha Cloud Recorder for XF" (for iPad/iPhone) as these will help you easily post your music to the Internet and let others hear it via SOUNDCLOUD. We hope to continually post useful articles, tips and tricks, video guides where appropriate, sound examples and maintain a general level of creative discussion. We can use the SoundCloud to also post musical examples and enhance the learning experience.

If you are just getting started - SEARCH: "getting started" for guides on what to do first. In general, the SEARCH function and the TAGS will allow you to find what you need, quickly. The articles here are varied and are based on some of the most frequently asked questions over the last 13 years of the Motif-era. The Manual can only help you but so much - that is why this type of support is provided. Please, dig into the wealth of material, written so that you can go through, step-by-step, and learn the reason behind the settings. Don't just experiment, the guides here can be used to learn about a specific area, and will try to explain the reason for the settings you are making. This will help you when you begin to experiment on your own projects. Have a question? Post in the FORUM area and the team of Yamaha Specialist will be here to answer or find you an answer. There are no questions that are too basic, so feel free to ask away. 

If you would like to see a specific area of the instrument covered, please do not hesitate to let us know. 
Motif XF Editor VST
Rotary Speaker Effect

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