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Aftertouch - Volume 1, Number 2 (November 1985)

Aftertouch - Volume 1, Number 2 (November 1985)
Issue #2 from November of 1985 features a facinating interview with Dr. John Chowning, the "Father of Digital FM Synthesis" as well as an article on "MIDI Basics". Also read about the "7 System", KX88/KX76 programming and much more!

Feel free to browse the issue, 
download the issue in its entirety and post your comments and suggestions in the dedicated forum section here. We look forward to hearing from you! 

From 1985 - 1989, Aftertouch Magazine was "The Official Publication of the Yamaha Users Group". Check back every Thursday for our latest throwback issue. You can find all the Aftertouch throwback issues here.
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