Learn all about creating and storing your own Mix Templates for instant recall.
Sample Slice: Slice is a function that is designed to make audio loops (up to 8 measures) work at different tempos without adverse pitch change (munchkin-ization). It accomplishes this by analyzing the audio and breaking it into smaller segments (slices). Each slice is mapped to the MIDI keyboard on successively higher notes of a single Waveform assigned to a Pattern Sample Voice or Song Sample Voice. A chromatic scale of MIDI data is created (in a Phrase in Pattern mode/to a linear track in Song mode) accurately placing the trigger notes so that when the scale is played back it re-assembles the audio slices. This is analogous to how individual drawings can be made to animate the movement of cartoon characters by flipping them slower or faster in front of a camera. The Motif can create up to 128 slices maximum – the number of notes on a MIDI channel. The Slice function creates a MIDI phrase to trigger the audio slices. A Phrase is a Pattern mode structure. In Song mode the data is written to a linear track.
Envelopes define the shape of a sound, find out how your synthesizer works.
Integrating a sampler into the Sequencer set the Motif apart from all other synthesizers - learn all about it.
Share you music with family, friends, everyone - learn the methods of creating a finished product.
The "F" in XF is all about FLASH. Read all about it! Flash staves off obsolescence allowing you to re-invent your XF
Here is an example Flash Session - design your own Wave ROM
The "VOICE" is the basic playable entity in your XF. Learn how to explore a Voice to find the magic.
This article will help you setup your XF to your computer via Ethernet.
Record a SONG in the XF sequencer, Cubase can IMPORT both your MIDI and AUDIO tracks recorded to the ISS... read all about it.
My Voice sounds different when I move it other Modes, how can I get it to sound "exactly" the same?
These coded MIDI messages allow you recall any sound at any time in the sequencer... learn the secret.
Setting up the XF for use with Cubase via FireWire on a Windows computer.
Setting up the XF with Cubase via USB for MIDI recording on a Windows computer.
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