Things you must know to get the most out of PATTERN mode.
When you are inspired nothing kills the flow like the STOP button. These realtime PATTERN Mode functions will help avoid this.
This article will present some interesting workflows for both SONG and PATTERN modes
Drummers are different, and so is the Drum Kit VOICE... find out why!
The Motif XF offers a wide variety of tools for Drum Track Construction. Although there are no strict rules about how you go about composing your musical compositions, it is a fairly standard practice to begin by building the tracks up from the bottom up - at least when using MIDI gear. This often means constructing a basic drum groove on which to build the composition. This article is not meant to dictate how you should work, but is intended to make you aware of some of the powerful tools at your disposal. Read through it and I am sure you will discover something that might be of use to you at some point in using the Motif XF.• What is a Drum Voice and how is it different from a Normal Voice?• Recording a basic drum groove in SONG mode• Recording your own original drum Pattern• What is a PATTERN Phrase and what is PATTERN Patch?• Using the REMIX function to create variations• What is Divide Drum Track?• Extract and Mix Track Jobs• Quantize: Before or After• Swing Quantize and the Play FX• Normalizing Play FX• Building a custom Drum Kit• Editing individual drum keys• One Sequencer Many (related) Jobs• Routing Drums to individual Outputs• Using a Drum Kit Voice for Audio Loops
Real Time Loop Remix is as close as a product has come yet to a "talent button". Seriously...
The XF has a built-in digital mixer. Learn about how to use "snapshots" to automate your mix.
If you have only been using one Mode of your Sequencer, STOP! Read this now...
Learn how to setup your own groove quantize template.
Learn about this very unique Drum Track Construction Tool
The Yamaha "Phrase Factory" quite possibly the cure for 'writer's block' - no kidding!
The Integrated Sampling Sequencer separates the XF from all other synthesizers in its category, find out how it works in this article.
Learn how the integrated sampler can calculate the Tempo of your audio loop.
Learn how to sample audio to your XS
Did you know you can load a Bank of 128 Voices at once to the XS?
Terminology rules: What is a PATTERN 'Phrase' and what is a PATTERN 'Patch'?
Nothing kills inspiration like having to hit the STOP button - these realtime features will help your workflow.
This article deals with using Drums in SONG and PATTERN modes.
What is a Drum Voice and how is it different from a Normal Voice?
Using a [MIXING] Program for Quick Access to Multiple Sounds in a "live" SetupSONG or PATTERN MIXING programs are ideal for assembling multiple sounds that you want to play. Each of the 64 SONG and 64 PATTERN locations can contain a "MIXING" - which is a configuration of all the available PARTS: [F1] PART 1-16. You can easily and seamlessly switch the sound you are playing (without any glitches) by using the TRACK buttons to access the assigned Voice PARTS. You transmit from the XF keyboard on the MIDI channel of the currently selected TRACK. The lighted front panel [TRACK] buttons [1]-[16] will indicate the current transmit status.
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