In  my previous article I covered the new HD Reverbs that were introduced in Motif XF OS Version 1.5. In this next installment I will cover the new guitar effects, which to me genuinely enhance the already superb amplifier simulation, distortion and overdrive effects in the Motif XF.
Important GM rule: A properly prepared GM file will always have a Setup Measure which prepares the receiving device for reprogramming. If you have a GM File that does not seem to select the correct Voices READ MORE to find out how to fix this...
Exploring Motif XF 1.5 HD Reverbs
QUESTION: I'd like to bring my Song's MIDI tracks into Cubase on individual MIDI tracks
How can a hardware synthesizer act as a VSTi? Find out all about this advanced integration feature!
Learn how to transfer an ARPEGGIO's MIDI data to a track of the sequencer using the RECORD function.
If you want access to all your Voice Libraries, this is a must read.
A detailed look at the complex Musical Effect, Velocity Zoned Arpeggios
If you are working with the Arpeggiators you need to know about KEY MODES, here's the fundamentals...
Here is Part 2 of my CP4 tutorial:  Performance Creation!
How to Connect Your MOXF to an iOS Device...
Record a SONG in the XF sequencer, Cubase can IMPORT both your MIDI and AUDIO tracks recorded to the ISS... read all about it.
Here is part 1 of my CP4/40 tutorial about performance mode in the CP4/40.  Although I refer to the CP4 in this video, it applies to the CP40 as well since the operation of the two instruments is virually identical.  
Learn how to take your entire XS SONG sequence and mix setup and import it into Cubase
Recording Tips from Bad Mister: How to increase the GAIN of your MOXF PARTS prior to recording AUDIO to your DAW
Getting Started with Motif XS Editor VST within Cubase and FireWire connectivity
Using the Internal Sequencer to record external MIDI modules... what you need to know!
Controllers allow you to "perform" a synthesizer Voice and are the key to getting the most out of playing your synthesizer, find out all about Control Sets.
There are four different COPY Jobs in the Sequencer. Each has a rather special purpose and they should not be used interchangeably. Here we will describe each one and when to use it.
How can a hardware synthesizer act as a VSTi? Find out all about this advanced integration feature!
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