Join Bad Mister as he takes you on a tour of something old while introducing you to something new - MONTAGifying the MOTIF XF Performance: "Piano Electro" with the Motion Control Synthesis Engine. This is the first in a new "scuba" level series of Performances articles by Phil "Bad Mister" Clendeninn.
As you get to know MONTAGE you realize that often there are more ways than one to go from here to there when navigating the operating system. Here we will give you some tips and shortcuts that you may not be aware of that will help you in developing your own workflow.
MONTAGE OS v1.6 features Sound, Control and Workflow improvements - ready for you to download.
Part 2 of Heratch Touresian's Mastering MONTAGE Video series is all about the microtuning feature in MONTAGE.
Heratch Touresian is not only a Technical Specialist with Yamaha Corporation of America - he is a great musician who specializes in many genres of Middle Eastern music. In the first of this three-part video series, Heratch shows you how to build a custom drum kit.
Using the Project Template "Yamaha MONTAGE Multi Channel Recording" in Cubase Pro 9 - detailed instructions from Bad Mister!
You can process external synthesizers with MONTAGE using the A/D input - and Dom Sigalas shows you how!
Statement regarding the "hidden" piano in reface CP.
Whether you are playing one of the original MX series or most recent additions to the MX family, this article can help you get started on getting the most from your instrument.
Last time we began our look into synthesis by exploring a Sawtooth source wave, let's begin this lesson with the other very common "analog" wave: the Pulse wave.  This lession is applicable for MX instruments from the original series  - or one of the latest!
This article can help you  help you set up your MX as an external instrument in Cubase Pro - allowing you to use Steinberg's Virtual Studio Technology signal routing to RENDER MIDI as AUDIO. Instructions are applicable whether you are using an instrument from the oiginal MX series, the MX49/61 BK/BU/WH or MX88.
Need help setting up Cubase with your MX and Windows computer? Here are instructions for you - and they are applicable to both the original MX series and the latest instruments. 
Let's take a close look at the synthesizer sound engine and inside the Melas Voice Editor. This article is applicable to both the original MX series and the MX49/61 BK/BU/WH and MX88.
Need help setting up your Yamaha MX with Cubase on your Mac? Get some help from our own Bad Mister - whether you are using one of our original MX series synthesizers or one of the latest!
Side Chain Modulation uses the audio output of one part to change another part. This video by Dom Sigalas shows how to set up a Side Chain effect in MONTAGE.
A great demonstration of real time control of FM Synthesis in the MONTAGE Music Synthesizer!
The videos keep coming in from Superbooth17 in Berlin! Check out this very cool performance from Xantoné Blacq on the reface CP and reface YC.
It required a drone to film - and a reface to help provide the unique sound. Check out this fabulous video of Arigato Massaï and Tessa B performing at the top of the architectural wonder Le Volcan (the volcano).
Yamaha Artist Stephen Devassy is a master at the keyboard - and has put together a special treat using all four reface instruments - and makes the sound soar!
The MONTAGE Music Synthesizer is a great instrument to use with Apple MainStage. The built-in USB audio and MIDI interface eliminate the need for an additional audio interface. This basic setup guide will assist you in connecting bi-directional MIDI and audio from MONTAGE to MainStage.
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