The videos keep coming in from Superbooth17 in Berlin! Check out this very cool performance from Xantoné Blacq on the reface CP and reface YC.
It required a drone to film - and a reface to help provide the unique sound. Check out this fabulous video of Arigato Massaï and Tessa B performing at the top of the architectural wonder Le Volcan (the volcano).
Yamaha Artist Stephen Devassy is a master at the keyboard - and has put together a special treat using all four reface instruments - and makes the sound soar!
The MONTAGE Music Synthesizer is a great instrument to use with Apple MainStage. The built-in USB audio and MIDI interface eliminate the need for an additional audio interface. This basic setup guide will assist you in connecting bi-directional MIDI and audio from MONTAGE to MainStage.
Check out this cool video overview of the MX88!
Want to create great orchestral sounds with MONTAGE? Dom Sigalas - world-renowned composer and film producer - can help!
Dom Sigalas is an amazing Yamaha Europe and Steinberg demonstrator. Read more to see Dom showing MX88 with Cubase AI at Superbooth 17 in Berlin!
We’ve updated Chick’s Mark V with Motion Control, a LIVE SET and Audition demos! Best of all…
To help you get the most from your MONTAGE Music Synthesizer, we now have added over 4 hours of how-to videos to the Mastering MONTAGE educational series. Featuring Yamaha product gurus with information and lessons to appeal to users of all levels.
If you couldn't attend the recent Superbooth 2017 in Berlin, check out the videos and happenings on Facebook @yamahasynths!
In Part 4 of this series, we are putting it all together!
The Envelope Follower feature is a powerful and creative way to use an external audio source with your MONTAGE. This video session provides additional information to the Mastering MONTAGE 11: Envelope Follower lesson.
Montage 201: This 3-part video series features Product Specialist Tony Escueta - and is the perfect follow up to the 6-part MONTAGE 101 series.
In this 22-minute video, Yamaha Product Specialist Blake Angelos does a complete overview of the Performance "Moving Floor". Blake digs into this Performance, reassigns different controls, changes effects, creates Scene setups and more. Check it out!
Perfect for anyone new to the MONTAGE Music Synthesizer! Join Yamaha Product Specialist, Tony Escueta, for this 6-part video series - and learn more about the basics of the MONTAGE and navigating the controls.
Your MONTAGE can meticulously re-create the expressive sound of the Yamaha CFX 9' concert grand piano. How? Learn that and more in this 4-part video series on MONTAGE Music Synthesizer Performances with Blake Angelos, Yamaha Product Specialist.
In this chapter, we'll take a look at two more Single PART Performances, each one made from just a simple two Operator stack. These are exactly like the previous examples, with the exception that the Modulator to Carrier tuning Ratio is 1:1 here. It was 2:1 in the previous examples - and this will give us yet another array of timbres we can build - as your ears will tell you. We will apply the same 8 Assign Knob parameters as in the previous examples and, again, show that with just these parameters, we can fashion a very wide variety of initial FM-X waves.
Learn more about "Mastering MONTAGE"! Yamahasynth.com and @YamahaMusicUSA are pleased to announce over four hours of MONTAGE Music Synthesizer instructional videos. These videos cover everything from basic user interface overviews to deep dives into Motion Sequences, Super Knob programing and more. The content is close to being completed and all the videos will be released soon on yamahasynth.com. As a bonus for our yamahasynth.com community, we would like to offer a sneak peak of some of this great new content.
In Part 2 of this series we will study a Performance made with the same basic setup as in Part 1, but featuring different settings for our 8 Assignable Knob parameters. In Part 1 we turned some knobs and made some observations and speculations about what was being controlled - was it the Modulator or the Carrier that was being altered by a specific Knob parameter? Now we will follow through and see where those Control Assignments were made and how they are applied by the settings. Included at the bottom of this article download the MONTAGE Connect (P3.X7B) file for the tutorial, PERFORMANCE: P3
In this short quick series, we'll take a look at a number of simple two Operator FM-X stacks and discuss how you can begin to learn to program source waves using FM-X intuitively, by ear - without any heavy math. Please download the example Performance (P4.X7B). This is a MONTAGE Connect bulk file. It is assumed you are making the adjustments and hearing the results yourself. One of the best ways to gain an understanding of the FM-X engine is to experiment with a few key parameters and work with them until you're comfortable with what they do and exactly when they do it. 
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