Mastering MONTAGE Video Series: Sneak Preview

Learn more about "Mastering MONTAGE"! and @YamahaMusicUSA are pleased to announce over four hours of MONTAGE Music Synthesizer instructional videos. These videos cover everything from basic user interface overviews to deep dives into Motion Sequences, Super Knob programing and more. The content is close to being completed and all the videos will be released soon on As a bonus for our community, we would like to offer a sneak peak of some of this great new content.
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Mastering MONTAGE: An FM-X Exploration Part 3

In this chapter, we'll take a look at two more Single PART Performances, each one made from just a simple two Operator stack. These are exactly like the previous examples, with the exception that the Modulator to Carrier tuning Ratio is 1:1 here. It was 2:1 in the previous examples - and this will give us yet another array of timbres we can build - as your ears will tell you. We will apply the same 8 Assign Knob parameters as in the previous examples and, again, show that with just these parameters, we can fashion a very wide variety of initial FM-X waves.
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Mastering MONTAGE: Orchestral Brass Swell

The Performances that have "Swell" in the name represent something different and unique about programming and controlling the MONTAGE. If you don't have an FC7 pedal plugged in and acting as your surrogate Super Knob, you'll miss out on this magical performing innovation. So plug in your FC7 pedal and learn more below.
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