MONTAGifying MOTIF: "Creepn Worm"

In this series, we've been using the programming found in the Factory Motif XF Performances as study points for learning - and as starting points for MONTAGifying MOTIF Performances.  We've also been exploring and learning navigation tips that can help you with your own musical creations. Even if you've never considered yourself a sound designer, by studying the individual Parts we've been able to better understand how these combinations of sounds are put together. Let's take that further today with Bad Mister.
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MONTAGifying MOTIF: "Free Fall"

In this lesson, Phil "Bad Mister" Clendeninn MONTAGifies the oft requested Performance "Free Fall" It also makes for a great chance to study how Mega Arpeggios work. Here he will take a close-up look at a Guitar Mega (Mg) Arpeggio and discover what makes it tick. So let's join him . . . 
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