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MONTAGE 101: A 6-Part Video Series

MONTAGE 101: A 6-Part Video Series
Perfect for anyone new to the MONTAGE Music Synthesizer! Join Yamaha Product Specialist, Tony Escueta, for this 6-part video series - and learn more about the basics of the MONTAGE and navigating the controls.

Part I: MONTAGE User Interface and Control Panel Tour

Tony discusses basic user interface and controls of the MONTAGE Music Synthesizer:

Part II: Navigation via the Touchscreen and Dedicated Buttons

In this video, Tony shows basic navigation of Performances using the touchscreen and the dedicated hardware buttons:

Part III: Performance Category Search

Tony does a complete overview of the powerful Performance Category Search feature of MONTAGE:

Part IV: The Audition Button 

Tony discusses the Audition button and how it can be used to unlock the musical potential of a MONTAGE Performance:

Part V: Exploring the MONTAGE Panel and Controls

The physical buttons and knobs on the MONTAGE Music Synthesizer allows real time control over the Performance. In this video, Tony shows how these controls can quickly change the sound of a Performance:

Part VI: Touchscreen Navigation and Controls

Tony does a deeper overview of the Touchscreen and how the icons in the screen allow quick shortcut navigation to important functions of the MONTAGE Music Synthesizer:

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And stay tuned - more great "how-to's" coming to help you make the most of your MONTAGE!
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