Effects are an important audio tool to add specific nuances to the sound of any instrument. The YC DISTORTION and REVERB effects allow for a wide scope of expression with simple and easy to use controls.
This article will take you through how to install the XML file patch map for REFACE DX  into Cubase.  This will allow you to select the REFACE DX Voices in the inspector window in a Cubase MIDI track.
American tonewheel organs included a feature of "Harmonic Percussion". This was intended to imitate sounds with percussive attacks, like a harp, a marimbaor other mallet played instrument.
Within the Reface YC keyboard, there are five vintage organ sounds produced by an Organ Flutes tone generator.  This Combo Organ Sound Engine and its five vintage organ Waves provide a myriad of sound possibilities, allowing for a vast palette of electric organ sounds.
SO, what is the VIBRATO/CHORUS section and what is the difference between the two modes?
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