Part Three of the Subtractive Synthesis series brings it all together.
A small but mighty control update!
This YC SynthTip shows you how to split the upper and lower manuals.
This YC Series SynthTips adds authenticity to the VCM Rotary Speaker effect.
Check out this useful YC Series SynthTip.
Part Two of the Subtractive Synthesis series talks about envelopes, LFOs and the use of real-time controllers.
Part one of a three-part Subtractive Synthesis series gets us into the basics.
Three great YC videos from Woody!
Can you create an entire song with a single reface CS? Yes!
Check out this YC Series SynthTip.
Check out this smokin' trio led by Michele Papadia!
Temporarily or permanently change the octave or transpose.
The latest version of the YC OS has some new Voices and Live Set Sounds.
Quick edit a Performance with the Tone Control knobs.
Check out this great video and livestream from Manuele Montesanti!
Happy Holidays! Check out these free YC Live Set Sounds from Blake!
Part III explores Four Operator FM Synthesis.
This SynthTip shows you quick edits at the Common level using the knobs. 
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