MX49/ MX61/ MX88

Here’s are some ways to expand your new MX!
Here’s a quick start guide for your new MX!
Here’s a quick start guide for your new MX49/61/88!
Driver update for Mac OS 11 and 12 on Intel and Apple Silicon.
Looking for great Mexican-Latino sounds for your Yamaha MX-series keyboard? Get the Bomba Latina MX Soundset!
It’s a commonly quoted feature of the MX Music Synthesizers that they share over 1100 sounds with the legendary MOTIF synth library. The big question then arises…so…WHERE are they in the keyboard?
The MX49/61/88 and Logic Pro make a great, affordable production studio. With MOTIF-based sounds, MX and on-board audio, and MIDI connectivity, you have a simple yet powerful system connected with a single USB cable. Read more to see how you can set up your MX with Logic Pro. 
Five keys to becoming an MX power user!
The MX88 feels great, sounds great and features great computer and iOS connectivity at a great price. It’s a great instrument for the modern pianist. Check out some great reviews of MX88! (Can you tell we think it’s great too?!)
Check out this cool video overview of the MX88!
Check out these two great videos featuring the MX49 and MX61 demonstrated by two talented musicians.
Dom Sigalas is an amazing Yamaha Europe and Steinberg demonstrator. Read more to see Dom showing MX88 with Cubase AI at Superbooth 17 in Berlin!
What do I need to download and where do I go to get it?
Need help setting up your Yamaha MX with Cubase on your Mac? Get some help from our own Bad Mister - whether you are using one of our original MX series synthesizers or one of the latest!
Setup your MX49/MX61 BK/BU/WH and MX88 with Cubase on your Windows computer. This article is applicable to both the original MX series and the MX49/61 BK/BU/WH and MX88.
All sounds realized on the MX49 using the included Cubase AI.
Let's take a close look at the synthesizer sound engine and a look inside the Melas Voice Editor
Last time we began our look into synthesis by exploring a Sawtooth source wave, let's begin this time with the other very common "analog" wave, the Pulse wave.
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