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Motif XF Overview video series –Part 1 of 5

Motif XF Overview video series –Part 1 of 5

New to the Motif XF? Need help understanding the terminology?

In part 1 of their five-part Motif XF video series, Matt Vanacoro from Ask Audio Magazine explains the memory structure of the Motif XF.

Understanding the Motif XF memory structure and terminology is key to unlocking the true music-making potential of the Motif XF. Matt Vanacoro from Ask Audio Mag(azine).com takes a look at the Motif XF preset and user memory structure to help you get the most out of your Motif XF.


Want to know more about getting the most from your Motif XF? Talk to fellow Motif XF users and yamahasynth.com's own 'Bad Mister' here.

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