Tech Talk: MONTAGE/MODX Effects for Playing Live
On these Tech Talks we looked at different ways to use effects during live performance in German, English and Spanish!
Tech Talk: MONTAGE/MODX Effects Overview
Our first look at the effects in MONTAGE and MODX in new series on the onboard effects. 
Tech Talk: CP/MODX MIDI Connectivity
MIDI Connectivity with CP73/88 and MODX.
FM 101, Part Four: Going from Static to Dynamic
Part Four of FM 101 explores how sounds change over time.
Behind the Synth: Dan Rouse Chat
This week Nate and Blake chat with Yamaha Aritst Dan Rouse.
SynthBits: Dom Sigalas FM Synthesis Mega Tutorial
Dom Sigalas is back with an all-new FM Synthesis tutorial!
Tech Talk: MODX DAW Remote
The new DAW remote feature in MODX OS v2.5 was the subject of the July 14 Tech Talk Live
MONTAGE/MODX SynthTips: Fix a Mistake During Pattern Recording
Check out this easy way to erase and fix a mistake when recording a Pattern.
Mastering MONTAGE: Using MONTAGE Connect to Import Performance Patterns
Mastering MONTAGE: Using MONTAGE Connect to Import Performance Patterns
Import Pattern Scenes into your DAW with MONTAGE Connect.
Tech Talk: MONTAGE OS v3.5 Pattern Sequencer
HaPe and Blake explored the updates to the Performance Pattern Sequencer.
MONTAGE/MODX SynthTips: Quick Beat Making with the Pattern Sequencer
You can create drum loops quickly and easily with the MONTAGE and MODX Performance Pattern Sequencer.
Tech Talk: MONTAGE OS v3.5 Smart Morph
The replay of the June 30 edition of Tech Talk Live.
Tech Talk: MONTAGE OS v3.5 Event
All the livestreams and videos from the June 23 event!
MONTAGE/MODX SynthTips: How to Re-Assign Super Knob Control Assignment
This important SynthTip shows you how to customize the Super Knob for your needs.
Behind the Synth: Dave Polich Synth Chat
Sound designer, keyboardist and producer Dave Polich is the guest. 
Behind the Synth: Manny Fernandez OS v3.5 Synth Chat
Manny and Nate discuss Smart Morph and MONTAGE OS v3.5.
Mastering MONTAGE: Pattern Workflow and Recording Features In OS V3.5
These new features streamline Pattern Sequencer operation.
Introducing MONTAGE OS v3.5 and MODX OS v2.5
Smart Morph, Pattern Sequencer upgrades and more!

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