MONTAGE Connect Update: 1.0.5 for MacOS Mojave
A new version of MONTAGE Connect for users of MacOS Mojave is available now!
Moessieurs Monday: MONTAGE/MODX Mic and Insertion Effects
In this installment from Moessieurs he shows how to connect a microphone to MONTAGE and route the signal through the insertion effects.
Synthbits: What do MONTAGE, Richard Devine and the new Jaguar I-Pace have in common?
Check out why the user interaction and navigation sounds in the new Jaguar I-Pace sound so cool!
MONTAGE OS v2.5: Using the new DAW Remote Feature with ProTools
Set up MONTAGE as a DAW remote for Pro Tools for MAC OS.
Moessieurs Mondays: The MONTAGE A/D Input
The A/D Input on MONTAGE is a cool way to bring external audio from a microphone or line input into the Motion Control system. A/D parameters can be controlled with the Super Knob.
Moessieurs Mondays: Arpeggio Individual and Advanced Settings
Last Monday we posted a video covering Arpeggio Common settings in MONTAGE.
MONTAGE OS v2.5: Arp Record
To Arp or not to Arp - that is the question!
Introducing SampleRobot MONTAGE Edition!
SampleRobot MONTAGE Edition has arrived - and it's free for ALL MONTAGE Owners!
MONTAGE OS v2.5: Using the New DAW Remote Feature in Cubase
Set up MONTAGE as a DAW remote for Cubase!
Music Production Guide Issue 04|2018
That latest version of the EasySounds Music Production Guide is available now!
Soundmondo for MONTAGE: iOS
An overview of the Soundmondo app for iOS, now with MONTAGE support
Moessieurs Mondays: Arpeggio Common
This week's installment of "Moessieurs Mondays" takes a deeper dive into Arpeggio Common settings.
Moessieurs Mondays: New Performances in MONTAGE OS v2.0, Part II
This week is Part 2 of the Performance Auditions in MONTAGE OS v2.0.
Check out all the new features here!
Moessieurs Mondays!
Last year we introduced you to Joël Borg, the founder of the great French-language Yamaha Synthesizer website “Moessieurs”.
Moessieurs Mondays: New Performances in MONTAGE OS v2.0, Part I
This week’s episode is the first of a two-parter covering the new Performances and Auditions introduced in MONTAGE OS v2.0.
Synthbits: Manuele Montesanti plays MONTAGE and Yamaha TransAcoustic at the North Sea Jazz Festival
Great performance featuring Yamaha Product Demonstrator and Artist Manuele Montesanti!
Dom Sigalas: How to Recreate Toto's "Africa" Brass Sound on MONTAGE
Our good friend Dom Sigalas is back to show you how it's done!

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