In this session, we'll continue our scuba dive into the MONTAGifying Motif XF Performance data - and doing it with the New Version 2.00 of firmware for your MONTAGE. And don't miss your opportunity to suggest a Motif XF Performance for a future session!
Let out your inner rocker with this latest session with Phil "Bad Mister" Clendeninn!
In this series, we've been using the programming found in the Factory Motif XF Performances as study points for learning - and as starting points for MONTAGifying MOTIF Performances.  We've also been exploring and learning navigation tips that can help you with your own musical creations. Even if you've never considered yourself a sound designer, by studying the individual Parts we've been able to better understand how these combinations of sounds are put together. Let's take that further today with Bad Mister.
As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing and improving MONTAGE we are proud to introduce MONTAGE OS v2.0! Get it HERE! MONTAGE OS v2.0 adds new sound, control and workflow enhancements to the MONTAGE music synthesizer. Check out what's coming!
Create a Default MONTAGE Performance for use with Cubase with MONTAGE CONNECT
Join Bad Mister now to start to integrate what you've been learning in prior sessions in this series . . .and learn out to MONTAGify MOTIF Performances!
In this lesson, Phil "Bad Mister" Clendeninn MONTAGifies the oft requested Performance "Free Fall" It also makes for a great chance to study how Mega Arpeggios work. Here he will take a close-up look at a Guitar Mega (Mg) Arpeggio and discover what makes it tick. So let's join him . . . 
This week we'll take a look at MONTAGifying the Motif XF Performance "Winds & Strings" - so let's join Phil "Bad Mister" Clendeninn in this lesson . . .
The series "Stranger Things" has taken the world by storm. Listen to Dom Sigalas play his tribute song "Stranger Vibe" performed entirely with a single MONTAGE Performance in this tasty bit of Synth video. 
We are excited to announce SampleRobot Pro MONTAGE Edition - an amazing automatic sampling software solution for musicians and sound designers!
Announcing the John Melas MONTAGE Performance Editor and Librarian!
Check out Dom Sigalas "Stranger Things" inspired video!
Ableton Live Expert Josh Weatherspoon creates a quick song, records automation and applies Live effects to tracks in Part III of the MONTAGE and Ableton Live series.
Join us for Part II of the series on Ableton with Josh Weatherspoon. In this episode he shows you how to record basic audio and MIDI tracks with MONTAGE and Ableton Live.
Phil "Bad Mister" Clendeninn is back with another lesson MONTAGifying a MOTIF XF Performances. Let's get started! 
We love posting videos of people playing MONTAGE! They come in all kinds of flavors - check it out . . .
We love posting videos of people playing MONTAGE.
Synthbits brings you keyboard extraordinaire Manuele Montesanti as he perform his tribute song to MONTAGE OS 1.60 "My OS"!
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