Moessieurs Monday: Waveform Category Search
Waveforms are the building blocks of Elements in the AWM2 engine of MONTAGE and MODX.
Moessieurs Monday: Building a Performance on MODX
In this rather entensive video (27 minutes!) you'll learn the basics of building a Performance.
Moessieurs Monday: Parameter with Part in MONTAGE and MODX
When building a Performance with Parts you might wonder what happens to the programmed parameters in each Part you add.
Moessieurs Monday: Quick Tone Edit on MONTAGE
Sometimes when you select a Performance in MONTAGE or MODX it is almost right.
Manny's FM-Xpert #5: “Everybody’s Doin’ the Knob-O-Motion”
Dr. Manny Fernandez's epic 5 part series ends with cool Super Knob programming tips and one last pun. 
Manny's FM-Xpert #4: "The Envelope(s), Please"
Last month FM-Xpert Manny Fernandez showed us that he's pretty good at math in article 3, "It's Just a Phase, Man". This month he shows how envelope generators affect an FM-X sound and require much less math!
Manny's FM-Xpert #3: "It's Just a Phase, Man. "
FM Synthesis Grandmaster Dr. Manny Fernandez's third article in the "FM-Xpert" series is his most advanced yet. Are you ready to snatch the pebble from the Grandmaster's hand? Then enter the FM-Xpert temple and begin the training...
Moessieurs Monday: Editing Motion Sequences in a Part
Check it out below and from your friends at
Manny's FM-Xpert #2: "I'm Fixing a Hole Where the Timbre is Thin..."
The second article in Manny Fernandez's FM-Xpert series continues with a great study in filling out an FM-X sound. This advanced tutorial will help you add fullness and detail to FM-X sounds in your MONTAGE and MODX!
Manny's FM-Xpert #1: "Acoustic Eccentricities and Stuff"
Ready for some next level FM-X programming? Let FM-Xpert programmer Manny Fernandez show you the way!
Moessieurs Monday: Motion Sequencer Basics
This is the first in a short video series about the Motion Sequencer from the fantastic French MONTAGE and MODX site Moessieurs! Check it out below:
Moessieurs Monday: FM-X and Easy Sounds FM-Xperience
Moessieurs: Connecting MONTAGE and MOTIF XF with Camelot Pro
Camelot Pro is a powerful software tool that intelligently connects and maps hardware MIDI devices and virtual instruments.
MONTAGE Review Roundup
And the rave reviews keep coming in! The MONTAGE Music Synthesizer is an amazing musical instrument with great sound, powerful real-time control and user-friendly workflow. But don't take our word for it, take a look at the following MONTAGE reviews:
Moessieurs Mondays: FM-X Operator Level and Copy
This week's Moessieurs Monday continues with more about FM-X. Operator Levels are extremely important to the overall sound.
Ask.Audio: Unleashing the Power of MONTAGE (and MODX!)
Check out this short and sweet article from out friends at Ask.Audio.
Moessieurs Monday: FM-X Spectral Forms and Operator Frequencies
Spectral Forms are powerful parameters that change the timbre of the sound in interesting ways.
Moessieurs Mondays: FM Basics
The powerful FM-X engine in both MONTAGE and MODX is capable of many different sounds.

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