Great performance featuring Yamaha Product Demonstrator and Artist Manuele Montesanti!Our friend from Rome Manuele Montesanti had an great session at the North Sea Jazz Festival with a project called the "Martin Verdonk Master Session" with percussionist Martin Verdonk. In it he plays MONTAGE and the Yamaha TransAcoustic piano. Check out this wonde
Our good friend Dom Sigalas is back to show you how it's done!
Soundmondo for MONTAGE is here! Check some of the things you can do!
Join Bad Mister to learn how to setup the A/D INPUT - and add vocals, guitars, synthesizers and other sources to your MONTAGE.
If you are new to MONTAGE, this is a great place to start!
Welcome! If this is your first encounter with the Yamaha MONTAGE, this short guide can help find your way around. You are about to experience a milestone synthesizer. Not only new in concept but a new level of sonic clarity. You’ll want to experience the MONTAGE under the following conditions: through a quality stereo sound system and with the optional FC7 sweep pedal and an FC3A sustain pedal.
Nine short and informative videos to help you get more from your MONTAGE.
You asked - and we heard!
Join Phil "Bad Mister" Clendeninn as he walks you through adding a PART to a performance - and performing with it.
We know that the original MOTIF XF Performances were four PARTS, with just two Assignable Knobs per PART and no COMMON Assign Knobs; it had just six Control Sets per PART... We’ve been exploring the possibilities using this data to build upon. Let's take a look at the impact of adding additional PARTs to an existing Performance. In this article, we'll be expanding on the MOTIF XF Performance data.
Soundmondo just got cooler with support for MONTAGE!
May is MIDI Month! All month we’ll take a look at what the MONTAGE MIDI situation is all about. There are some things you may not have encountered before - check it out...
Smooth_It_Over_4.X7B”Smooth It Over” is a Motif XF Performance using five ARP1-ARP5 buttons. We’ll see how ARPs are linked to SCENE buttons and how Scenes can be used to influence your backing groove, and we'll discover a hidden Easter egg among the Arp Phrases.
The MONTAGE Music Synthesizer is a great choice for live and touring musicians. This article provides an overview for both musicians and backline companies using MONTAGE.
Velocity is a fundamental controller that can be used to great affect throughout the synthesis engine. You can apply Velocity to control amplitude (loudness), but also pitch of the Oscillator, tone via the Filter, you can apply it to things like triggering Arpeggio phrases, etc. We'll take a fundamental look at its most common use: to control "how loud" we are playing.
The "MONTAGifying MOTIF" article series will show you how to add motion to your MOTIF XS/XF and MOXF sounds in MONTAGE!
With the release of firmware version 2.00, MONTAGE can now boast both Voice and Performance compatiblility with the Motif XF and MOXF. Building on the Performance programming found in its predecessors, we've been using this data to learn what MOTION CONTROL brings to the table. These tutorials are meant to get you started exploring the possibilities. Follow along, step-by-step, as we reveal some of the navigation shortcuts and we take a close look at the relationships between Source Controllers and Destination Parameters. Scuba gear, ready?
Join Phil "Bad Mister" Clendeninn for the latest MONTAGification of the Motif XF Performance Tenor to the Max. It's your opportunity to explore and innovate!
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