The powerful FM-X engine in both MONTAGE and MODX is capable of many different sounds. From leads to pads, synth comps to special effects, FM-X can generate unique and compelling tones. This 18 minute video is a great introduction for anyone new to FM programming. Check it out below, and check back again next Monday for more from Moessieurs!
Check out this great overview of the new features added in MONTAGE OS v2.5! The DAW Remote feature alone is amazing. Watch the complete overview below! Want to share your thoughts/comments? Join the conversation on the Forum here.
A new version of MONTAGE Connect for users of MacOS Mojave is available now!
In this installment from Moessieurs he shows how to connect a microphone to MONTAGE and route the signal through the insertion effects. Rather than simply using conventional effects like reverb and delay he digs in and shows more creative uses with effects like Auto Synth, Lo-Fi, Amp Simulator, Talking Modulator and more! This is a great video for
Check out why the user interaction and navigation sounds in the new Jaguar I-Pace sound so cool!
Set up MONTAGE as a DAW remote for Pro Tools for MAC OS.
The A/D Input on MONTAGE is a cool way to bring external audio from a microphone or line input into the Motion Control system. A/D parameters can be controlled with the Super Knob. Standard Part parameters like volume and pan are one possibility, but the real magic happens when control is assigned to the Insertion Effects. Plus you have the Envelop
Last Monday we posted a video covering Arpeggio Common settings in MONTAGE. This week our friend from France covers Arpeggio Individual and Advanced settings. Check out the pair of videos below and stay tuned next Monday for another episode of Mossieurs Mondays! Arpeggio Advanced Settings:Want to share your thoughts/comments? Join the conversation
To Arp or not to Arp - that is the question!
SampleRobot MONTAGE Edition has arrived - and it's free for ALL MONTAGE Owners!
Set up MONTAGE as a DAW remote for Cubase!
That latest version of the EasySounds Music Production Guide is available now!
An overview of the Soundmondo app for iOS, now with MONTAGE support
This week's installment of "Moessieurs Mondays" takes a deeper dive into Arpeggio Common settings. This is a great video that will help you utilize Arpeggios in your music. Check it out below: Go here to check out Moessieurs, a great place for Yamaha Synthesizer resources from France, and stay tuned for the next installment in the Moessieurs Monday
This week is Part 2 of the Performance Auditions in MONTAGE OS v2.0. Don't forget to check out the accompanying information here. Check out part 2 below!
Check out all the new features here!
Last year we introduced you to Joël Borg, the founder of the great French-language Yamaha Synthesizer website “Moessieurs”. His videos have lots of great information on many Yamaha Synthesizers, and for English speakers he kindly provides subtitles! He does so many videos that we decided to introduce a new series called “Moessieurs Mondays”. This w
This week’s episode is the first of a two-parter covering the new Performances and Auditions introduced in MONTAGE OS v2.0. There are 99 total…in fact SO many that the Moessieurs had to break it into 2 separate videos. There is even a nice guide to acompany these videos providing more information about the update here. The page is in French but Goo
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