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New MONTAGE OS Version 1.6!

New MONTAGE OS Version 1.6!
MONTAGE OS v1.6 features Sound, Control and Workflow improvements - ready for you to download.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Backup and save your current data BEFORE updating MONTAGE to OS Version v1.6! 

MONTAGE OS v1.6 adds new effects and Performances. In order to install these enhancements, the MONTAGE internal memory initialized. You can reinstall any User or Library files after updating to MONTAGE OS v1.6.

Download MONTAGE OS v1.6 here!

Check out this video!

MONTAGE OS v1.6: Sound Enhancements

Spiralizer Effect Types: The new Spiralizer effects added to OS v1.6 are based on the “Shepard Tone” scale. Named after cognitive scientist Roger Shepard, the Shepard Tone effect creates the auditory illusion of a tone that continually rises or falls in pitch but never seems to get any higher or lower. This effect provides interesting motion to pads, leads and arpeggios.
The following Spiralizer types are available:
    • Spiralizer P and Spiralizer F: This is a unique filter applying Phaser (for Spiralizer P)/ Flanger (for Spiralizer F) processing for seemingly endless up/ down pitch change
    • Tempo Spiralizer P and Tempo Spiralizer F: These effects add a tempo-synchronized LFO to the Spiralizer effect allowing for interesting tempo-based grooves. Below is an audio demo of the Performance “Ethereal”. First it is played with no Spiralizer effect then with the “Spiralizer P” effect added:


8 New Performances: MONTAGE OS v1.6 adds 8 new Performances utilizing the new Spiralizer effect types. These unique Performances take full advantage of AWM2, FM-X and Motion Control. Check out a demo:

Creeping Voltage Demo

Iceworld Demo

Hybrid Sync Demo 

Spiral Feedbacker Demo

MONTAGE OS v1.6: Control Enhancements

Super Knob Shortcuts: MONTAGE OS v1.6 makes it easier to edit Super Knob settings from the main Performance (Home) screen.
  • “Edit Super Knob Motion Seq” calls up the Knob Auto display for editing the Super Knob’s dedicated Motion Sequencer. 
  • “Edit Super Knob” calls up the Control Assign display in Common/Audio Edit. This lets you set Super Knob controlled for the entire Performance

MONTAGE OS v1.6: Workflow Enhancements

Super Knob Display Filter: A simple but important workflow enhancement is the addition of the Super Knob in the Display Filter.

  • Display Filter, Common/Audio Edit: You can now set the Display Filter to “Super Knob” at the Common/Audio level. This allows you to see and edit parameters set to all Part Common Assignable Knobs
  • Display Filter, Part Edit: You can now set the Display Filter to “Super Knob” at the Part level. This allows you to see and edit parameters set to single Part Assignable Knobs.

Want to discuss MONTAGE OS v1.6? Join the conversation on the Forum here.

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