Check out the interview with Yamaha Synthesizer artist Dan Rouse.
Waveforms are the building blocks of Elements in the AWM2 engine of MONTAGE and MODX.
In this rather entensive video (27 minutes!) you'll learn the basics of building a Performance.
Check out Part II of our interview with Yamaha Synthesizer Artist Nicholas Semrad.
When building a Performance with Parts you might wonder what happens to the programmed parameters in each Part you add.
Sometimes when you select a Performance in MONTAGE or MODX it is almost right.
NAMM 2019 is over! Let's all chill out for a moment and listen to Scott Brackett's creation using MODX, Abelton Live and OP-Z.
Check out this cool video from Dom Sigalas on MIDI recording using MODX and Cubasis!
MODX is a platform-based synthesizer - and taking advantage of the OS updates ensures that you have the latest sounds, effects and UI enhancements.
Check out this cool video by Scott Brackett jamming with the MODX and a Nintendo SwitchTM!
The Mastering MODX Article Series for Owners of the MODX Music Synthesizer!
We've been focusing on MONTAGE videos from Moessieurs each Monday.
Check out this great video from Dom Sigalas and see how to connect MODX and the powerful iOS DAW from Steinberg, Cubasis.
Check it out below and from your friends at
The Brackett got his hands on a MODX and created this cool video using his iPhone and the TNR-e app!
This is the first in a short video series about the Motion Sequencer from the fantastic French MONTAGE and MODX site Moessieurs! Check it out below:
In Part 4 of "Mastering MODX: An FM-X Exploration" we take what we've learned in Parts I-III and bring it all together!
Mastering MODX: An FM-X Exploration continues with more discovery of the Carrier and Modulator relationship.
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