Manny and Nate discuss Smart Morph and MONTAGE OS v3.5.
These new features streamline Pattern Sequencer operation.
Smart Morph, Pattern Sequencer upgrades and more!
This useful tip allows you to control the amount of Part Insertion Effect with an Assignable Switch. 
This week's MONTAGE/MODX SynthTip explores Super Knob Auto.
The basics of FM Synthesis was the topic for May 26 Tech Talk Live.
Part three of our MONTAGE/MODX Pattern Sequencer Tech Talk series got deeper into quantizing and Play FX.
Tech Talk Live on May 12 showed Pattern Sequencer Edit/Jobs.
This tip allows you more control options with Assignable Knobs.
MONTAGE and MODX Pattern Sequencer Basics replay from May 5!
Check out the replay from our April 28 episode of Tech Talk Live.
Check out the replay from our April 21 episode of Tech Talk Live.
Check out the MONTAGE Tech Talk Live: Managing Libraries replay from April 14.
Select a Part and edit with the Control Knobs of Yamaha MONTAGE or MODX.
You can unlink Assignable Knobs from Super Knob control. This Yamaha MONTAGE/MODX SynthTip shows you how to do it. 
This week’s MONTAGE/MODX SynthTip is an important programming concept.
This weeks MONTAGE/MODX SynthTip shows you how make a rhythmic pad using the Envelope Follower.
Tech Talks are product overviews from our international team of demonstrators. During NAMM 2020 we focused on MONTAGE, MODX, YC61 and CP73/88. Check out all the Tech Talks below.
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