This week’s episode is the first of a two-parter covering the new Performances and Auditions introduced in MONTAGE OS v2.0.
Welcome to the first article in the Dr. Manny Fernandez FM-Xploration Series! A longtime FM programmer who contributed sounds for the DX7II, SY77, SY99 FS1R and DX200  - Manny Fernandez shares lots of tips and tricks in this highly informantive series.
Side Chain Modulation uses the audio output of one part to change another part. This video by Dom Sigalas shows how to set up a Side Chain effect in MONTAGE.
A great demonstration of real time control of FM Synthesis in the MONTAGE Music Synthesizer!
The Envelope Follower feature is a powerful and creative way to use an external audio source with your MONTAGE. This video session provides additional information to the Mastering MONTAGE 11: Envelope Follower lesson.
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