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MODX Review Roundup

Check out the reviews for MODX!
MODX is a great choice for a synthesist, keyboardist or pianist with its great sound, deep control and surprising mobility. The first reviews are in and the verdict is unanimous: MODX is a winner! But don't take our word for it: Take a look at a few of the comments from reviewers:

"The MODX is a stage synth on steroids. It’s a producer’s beat-making machine. It’s the nerve center of a songwriter’s studio. It’s a sound designer’s spouse’s worst nightmare. It excels in all of these applications without compromising any of them. It is simply a new standard for the performance and flexibility any type of musician can expect in the hotly contested midrange price bracket..."
- Stephen Fortner, Keyboard

"I tested the MODX7 which is the 76 key variant, and fell immediately in love. I have, quite frankly, never seen a keyboard this portable and light with this powerful an engine inside of it."

- Matt Vanacaro, Ask.Audio

"The MODX could be one of the most compelling reasons to consider a Yamaha synth in years."
- Scott Wilson, FactMag

"Give me another four pages and I probably still won’t do MODX justice in terms of its depth and capability."
- Andy Jones, MusicTech

Check out full MODX reviews below:

Keyboard Magazine
Magnetic Magazine

Sound on Sound
Music Connection

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