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Behind the Synth: Scott Plunkett Synth Chat

Check out this interview with keyboardist and sound designer, Scott Plunkett.
Behind the Synth showcases the people bringing you Yamaha synthesizers. We featured Scott in the pre-podcast version of Behind this Synth a few years ago. In this episode, Blake circles back with Scott Plunkett. Scott has performed with Don Henley, Stevie Nicks, Boz Scaggs and Chris Issak to name a few. He's also a longtime Yamaha sound designer, starting with the DX7II.

“I think it’s impossible for people who weren’t around then to understand what a big deal the DX7 was. Here was this instrument that cost half as much as these other synthesizers with 16 notes of polyphony and was velocity sensitive. It was a no-brainer: you just had to have one.”

Scott has created content for the SY77/99/85, VL1, EX5, the entire MOTIF Series, S80, S90, S90ES and MONTAGE. MONTAGE and MOTIF fans will recognize Scott's work in the Bösendorfer and Chick's Mark V libraries. Check out the chat below:

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