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Using Master Mode and Simon Oslender Interview.
A closer look at sophisticated dynamic control in MONTAGE/MODX
Take control of your sound.
Blake and Nate explore artist-created sounds!
New MONTAGE Sounds!
Deep synth sounds for MONTAGE/MODX.
Great MONTAGE and MODX sounds from HP!
YC OS v1.2 Overview and a Smart Morph Tutorial!
Soulful Sounds for MONTAGE and MODX!
Expressive and musical sounds for MONTAGE and MODX!
Divide Drum Track and Multitrack Audio Recording to a DAW.
Your favorite sound, ready to go!
Recall it all with a single tap.
Instantly recall effect send settings.
Maximize MONTAGE/MODX Performance Possibilities.
Use the tools in MONTAGE/MODX to create drum parts.
Control Tempo hands-free.
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