Check out Yamaha Synthesizer Artist Neil Tankersley’s custom keyboard rig.
Temporarily or permanently change the octave or transpose.
Check out ALL the videos from our live stream event!
A series of Tech Talks focused on the onboard effects in MONTAGE and MODX. 
Quick edit a Performance with the Tone Control knobs.
Import Pattern Scenes into your DAW with MODX Connect.
A series of Tech Talks focused on sequencing and recording features in MONTAGE and MODX. 
This SynthTip shows you quick edits at the Common level using the knobs. 
Essential knowledge for MONTAGE and MODX Owners.
Loop recording is easy with the Performance Pattern Sequencer. 
Upgraded to MONTAGE or MODX from a MOTIF? This video shows you how to import your data. 
It's easy to find Bank Select and Program Change information for a Performance or Part. This SynthTip shows you how.
Some great conversations with designers of sound!
Quickly record Arpeggio driven Performances. This SynthTip shows you how.
This SynthTip shows you how to customize the operation of the Foot Switch.
Check out the Tech Talks on the MONTAGE/MODX A/D Input.
Check out our Tech Talks on MONTAGE/MODX Effects for Synthesis in Three Languages!
On these Tech Talks we looked at different ways to use effects during live performance in German, English and Spanish!
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