Live Performance

Superbooth 19: Merlin Ettore and Blush Response Live Performance
Check out this performance by the Berlin-based duo from Superbooth 19.
Superbooth 2019: Hans-Peter Henkel with MONTAGE, Seaboard Rise 49 and Camelot Pro
Check out this great demonstration of pure FM-X Synthesis in MONTAGE using a ROLi Seaboard Rise 49 and Camelot Pro.
Synthbits Special Edition: Anomalie Live Performance
This week we have a bonus Synthbit from the amazing Anomalie!
Introducing the CP Series Stage Pianos
Check out the new CP73 and CP88 stage pianos.
Moessieurs: Connecting MONTAGE and MOTIF XF with Camelot Pro
Camelot Pro is a powerful software tool that intelligently connects and maps hardware MIDI devices and virtual instruments.
Spotlight on DOMi: MODX8 Livestream Performance
Check out DOMi playing the MODX8 live from Yamaha Artist Services NYC during the MODX Launch Event.
Spotlight on Nicholas Semrad: MODX Livestream Performance
Check out Nicholas Semrad playing MODX7 with The Lesson GK, live fom Yamaha Artist Services NYC.
Spotlight on Richard Devine: MODX Livestream Performance
We continue our "Spotlight on Richard Devine" with his September 14 MODX Livestream Performance and interview with Dom Sigalas.
Emanuele Parravicini and Simone Capitani of Audio Modeling on Camelot
Check out this great interview with the developers of Camelot!
Superbooth18: Simone Capitani, Emanuele Parravicini and Camelot
Camelot connects hardware and software instruments in a straightforward and powerful way. Check out the demonstration from Superbooth18.
Synthbits: Kandace Springs Sings and Plays CP4 Stage
Synthbits: Kandace Springs Sings and Plays CP4 Stage
Check out this beautiful version of Robert Flack's "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" performed by Kandace Springs and the CP4 Stage Piano.
Setting up MONTAGE with MainStage
Setting up MONTAGE with MainStage
The MONTAGE Music Synthesizer is a great instrument to use with Apple MainStage. The built-in USB audio and MIDI interface eliminate the need for an additional audio interface. This basic setup guide will assist you in connecting bi-directional MIDI and audio from MONTAGE to MainStage.
Using a MIXING Program in your "live" Setup
Using a MIXING Program in your "live" Setup
The modes with the most resources are those connected with the Sequencer - if you perform 'live' this article is a must read.
Introduction to the CP4 Stage Piano
Introduction to the CP4 Stage Piano
CP4 STAGE PIANOQuick tour of the new CP4 Stage - simply the best stage piano ever!
CP4 Stage
CP4 Stage
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