Live Performance

Nate and Blake discuss how to get the best sound.
  Great tips for live performance.
EQ tips for the best sound possible.
Best practices for getting the best sound.
Blake and Nate explore live sound systems for keyboards.
Resources for Working Musicians.
The latest version of the YC OS has some new Voices and Live Set Sounds.
Check out the Tech Talks on the piano-focused Yamaha CP Series.
We started a new series on Apps with Camelot Pro!
Check out Dom's Live Session from NAMM 2020.
Check out this live Performance from NAMM 2020!
Jonas Gröning plays the YC61 during NAMM 2020.
The MONTAGE/MODX SynthTip for this week is all about Live Set Volume Offsets.
Stockholm-based keyboardist Stefan Jernståhl talks about the YC61 Stage Keyboard.
The YC61 Stage Keyboard is all about great sound, a hip and functional design and an all new waterfall style action for an authentic touch.
Want to see and hear the YC61 played by a great keyboardist? Check out Jonas Gröning below!
Nate and Blake explore the awesome YC61 Stage Keyboard!
See what you can do with Camelot Pro and CP73/88!
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