Mastering MONTAGE: The Wave Folder in OS v3.0

The new Yamaha MONTAGE Wave Folder effect offers a unique type of distortion synthesis perfect for today’s music.

Mastering MONTAGE: The Extended LFO in OS v3.0

The Extended LFO adds a new level of modulation to MONTAGE and MODX.

Behind the Synth: The MOTIF Series

From 2001 to 2016 the Yamaha MOTIF Series were a music industry standard. Nate and Blake explore the legendary line in this installment of "Behind the Synth".

Behind the Synth: Interview with Tori Letzler at Yamaha Synth Space

Behind the Synth features Nate, Blake, Tori Letzler and a CS20M in the Synth Space!

Mastering MONTAGE: VCM Mini Filter and Mini Boost in OS v3.0

The new VCM Mini Filter and VCM Mini Boost add vintage analog synthesizer character and behavior to the Yamaha MONTAGE.

Music Production Guide, Issue 07/2019 Available NOW!

The latest issue has a great overview of MONTAGE OS v3.0 and Yamaha Synthesizers 45th Anniversary.

Mastering MONTAGE: Quantize in OS v3.0

Quantize functions get even cooler in OS v3.0. This article explains how it all works. 

Mastering MONTAGE: Scenes in OS v3.0

Added to the Yamaha MONTAGE OS v3.0 is the ability to link a Pattern to each of the 8 Scenes. Bad Mister shows you just how cool this is. 

Yamaha Sessions: Greg Spero

Check out Yamaha Sessions featuring Greg Spero!

Mastering MONTAGE: Pattern Play FX in OS v3.0

In this article you'll learn how to set up your own 'groove quantize' and how to use swing quantize and Play FX to change up the feel in a Pattern. 

Behind the Synth: MONTAGE and OS v3.0

This week's episode is all about MONTAGE and OS v3.0.

Mastering MONTAGE: Pattern Sequencer Features in OS v3.0

Bad Mister takes you through the new Pattern Sequencer feature in the MONTAGE Performance Recorder.

Introducing MONTAGE White and OS v3.0

MONTAGE is now available in a stunning new white finish. AND MONTAGE OS v3.0 is AVAILABLE NOW and adds great new features!

Behind the Synth: JAde Wii

This week's episode of Behind the Synth features artist and YouTuber JAde Wii!

SynthBits: Nahre Sol Improvising Over an Irregular Pulse

Nahre Sol is back with an engaging take on improvisation, synthesizers and irregular musical pulses.

Tech Talk Replay: Superbooth 19-Camelot Pro

Check out this cool demonstration of Camelot Pro from Superbooth 19!

Behind the Synth Episode 004: Manny Fernandez and the SY99

Check out the latest Behind the Synth epidsode featuring sound design guru Manny Fernandez!

Superbooth 19: Rebeca Nayla and Moira Muñoz Performance

The Madrid-based dynamic duo perform a very cool "ultraviolet" set.

Behind the Synth Episode 003: The CS15 Synthesizer

Blake and Nate explore the small and stout CS15 Control Synthesizer in this week's Behind the Synth Podcast.

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