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YC61: Review Roundup

You know we're YC fans, but check out what the reviews say. 
Check out the links below and stay tuned: We’ll be adding more as they come in.

“The YC in particular is a hoot to have around: a little ripper! Its Hammond emulation is one of the best out there, all set for two-manual use, and with a beautifully implemented rotary speaker effect that is arguably only beaten by specialist pedals.” -Robin Bigwood, Sound on Sound

“Kudos to Yamaha for really getting a great design…a real powerhouse.”-Steve Hartwell, Featherlight Studios

“There are some great piano sounds that are very, very usable and the size and weight make this great-sounding keyboard useful for any pack-up and move situation–rehearsal, performance or songwriting session.” - Andy McDonough, American Songwriter.com

“If you are in the market for a great stage keyboard with 61 non-weighted (waterfall) keys and consistently high-quality sounds, absolutely check it out.” - Jason Buchwald, MusicPlayers.com
SynthBits: FM Synthesis Video by madFame
FM 101, Part Six: Complex Systems

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