SynthBits: Rimela and the CS-30

A cool groove featuring the CS-30!
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SynthBits: The Mighty CS-80

Check out this great video about the Mighty CS-80!
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SynthBits: CS-80 Famous Presets

Check out some of the iconic sounds of the Yamaha CS-80 Synthesizer in this short video.
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SynthBits: CS-80 Blade Runner 2050 by Firechild

Check out this cool video with music created entirely on the Yamaha CS-80!
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SynthBits: Synth Stuff Ep. 25: The CS-80

Check out this cool overview of the legendary CS-80!

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Behind the Synth: CS-80 Retrospective

This week's episode of "Behind the Synth" is all about the CS-80.
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Synths 1974: CS80 vs. MONTAGE with Dom Sigalas and Katsunori Ujiie (Japanese)

Check out the videos from Dom and Ujiie on the legendary CS80 and MONTAGE White!

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Behind the Synth: The RM1x Sequence Remixer

The second episode of the Behind the Synth Podcast is available now!
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Synthbits: Yamaha CS15 + Ventris Dual Verb

From our friends at Sonicstate comes this synth jam with a CS15 processed with a Ventris Dual Reverb pedal!
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SynthBits: Yamaha Synthesizer Museum @ Superbooth18

Check out the Yamaha synthesizer museum at Superbooth18.
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Yamaha FM Converter (BETA) Now Available

Yamaha FM Converter (BETA) Now Available
Have content from your DX7, DX7II, TX802 and TX816 Yamaha Synthesizers you want to use on your new Montage? Convert it.
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