SynthBits: Endless Fun with MONTAGE White from Doctor Mix

Doctor Mix explores the Yamaha MONTAGE White and OS v3.0 for the first time in this week’s SynthBit!

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Yamaha Sessions: Michael Patrick

Check out this epic performance by Michael Patrick.
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Behind the Synth Replay: NAMM 2020

Check out the all the Behind the Synth Live Interviews from NAMM 2020.
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Scott Brackett: RSVP (Retro Synth Video Program) Part 2

Part 2 of Scott's journey into the world of the CX5M and C1 Music Computers.
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SynthBits: The Mighty CS-80

Check out this great video about the Mighty CS-80!
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Behind the Synth: Hans-Peter Henkel Chat

This week's episode features synth guru Hans-Peter Henkel. 
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Behind the Synth: Dom Sigalas Chat

Blake and Dom chat about music, MONTAGE and more in this episode of Behind the Synth.
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Yamaha Sessions: Gregers

Check out this Yamaha Session with Gregers.
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Creating GREAT FMX Kick Drums in MONTAGE and MODX with Dom Sigalas

Dom shows you how to create customizable kick drums with FMX!
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MODX | MONTAGE Minute: Creating Splits and Layers

Dom Sigalas shows you how to create splits and layers in two short videos.
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Behind the Synth: Interview with Christian Halten and Nils Zweiling of SampleRobot

Nate and Blake chat with Christian Halten and Nils Zweiling of SampleRobot. 
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Behind the Synth: CS-30 Retrospective

Listen to Nate and Blake get their nerd on with the CS-30 synthesizer.

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Sonicstate Innovation Road Tour

Nate and Nick Batt of Sonicstate on a deluxe tour of Innovation Road.
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Winter NAMM 2020 Live Stream Schedule

Check out the NAMM 2020 Live Stream Schedule. 
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Behind the Synth: The YC61 Stage Keyboard

Nate and Blake explore the awesome YC61 Stage Keyboard!
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Behind the Synth: YC-45D Retrospective

Nate and Blake explore the YC-45D combo organ.
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CP OS v1.2: Sound Demo Playlist

Check out the new Voices added to CP OS v1.2.
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Synths 1974: Blake And Dom Tour Innovation Road

Check out the quick tour of Innovation Road at Yamaha HQ!
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SynthBits: Camelot Pro and CP73/88 with Simone Capitani

See what you can do with Camelot Pro and CP73/88!

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SynthBits: Camelot Pro and MONTAGE with Simone Capitani

See what you can do with Camelot Pro and MONTAGE!
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