SynthBits: Synth Stuff Ep. 25: The CS-80

Check out this cool overview of the legendary CS-80!

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SynthBits: Floyd Steinberg's EX5 Playlist

Check out all the EX5 related content from Floyd!
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Behind the Synth: Nate and Blake Interview Nick Batt of Sonicstate

Check out this week's Behind the Synth with Nick Batt.
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MONTAGE OS v3.0 and MONTAGE White: Sonicstate with Dom Sigalas

Dom Sigalas takes Sonicstate through MONTAGE White and OS v3.0!
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Mastering MONTAGE: The Create Roll Job in OS v3.0

In the Pattern Sequencer introduced in MONTAGE OS v3.0, there is a NOTE Job called “Create Roll”. This article shows how it can be put to use to when working with drums or other sounds.

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SynthBits: Woody Piano Shack and the John Melas MODX Editor

Woody uses the John Melas MONTAGE/MODX tools to create a cool Performance and...Performs!
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Behind the Synth: Interview with Tori Letzler at Yamaha Synth Space

Behind the Synth features Nate, Blake, Tori Letzler and a CS20M in the Synth Space!
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Mastering MONTAGE: VCM Mini Filter and Mini Boost in OS v3.0

The new VCM Mini Filter and VCM Mini Boost add vintage analog synthesizer character and behavior to the Yamaha MONTAGE.

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Music Production Guide Issue 07|2019

The latest issue has a great overview of MONTAGE OS v3.0 and Yamaha Synthesizers 45th Anniversary.
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Yamaha Sessions: Greg Spero

Check out Yamaha Sessions featuring Greg Spero!
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