Loopop: MODX Review

Check out this excellent MODX video from the YouTube music technology channel Loopop.
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Synthbits: Yamaha CS15 + Ventris Dual Verb

From our friends at Sonicstate comes this synth jam with a CS15 processed with a Ventris Dual Reverb pedal!
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Synthbits: First Patch on CS30

Check out Tatsuya Takahashi build a sound on the Yamaha CS-30.
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Synthbits: The CS50 in Action!

Check out this cool video from our friends at Dr. Mix about the CS50 Synthesizer!

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Woody Piano Shack: Guitar, Bass and FM Pad Sounds in MODX

Check out this highlight video from Woody's MODX Livestream!
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Moessieurs Monday: The MODX Vocoder, Part II

The MODX Vocoder, Part II

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Woody Piano Shack Interview and Highlights from his MODX Livestream

Meet Woody from the YouTube Channel "Woody Piano Shack"!
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MODX First Impressions with Melbourne Artist and Producer Billy Davis

One of the best descriptions of the weight of MODX can be found in this video!
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Synthtopia: MODX Overview

The folks from Synthopia talk to Blake Angelos about MODX at the Launch Event.
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Woody Piano Shack: Legendary Electric Piano and Organ Sounds in MODX

Woody checks out the great electric piano and organ sounds in MODX.
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Synthbits: Manuele Montesanti and MODX

Check out Manuele Montesanti...x3!
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MODX Livestream with Woody!

Check out this epic livestream featuring Woody Piano Shack!

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Moessieurs Mondays: Updating MODX

As soon as MODX was announced, our crack team of engineers in Japan released an OS update available here.
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Spotlight on DOMi: The Pianist and MODX8

Check out this short video featuring DOMi playing MODX8 and sharing her thoughts about this incredible instrument.
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Spotlight on DOMi: MODX8 Livestream Performance

Check out DOMi playing the MODX8 live from Yamaha Artist Services NYC during the MODX Launch Event.
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Doctor Mix: MODX Revealed!

Doctor Mix had the perfect opportunity to show the MODX in this short video. Check it out below!
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Moessieurs Mondays: Discovering MODX

Our friend in France got his hands on a MODX6 and produced this excellent overview!
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MODX Review with BoBeats

Check out this cool MODX review and sound design tutorial with YouTuber BoBeats!
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Moessieurs Mondays: Arpeggio Individual and Advanced Settings

Last Monday we posted a video covering Arpeggio Common settings in MONTAGE.
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Synthbits: Fugue at the Beach with reface CP and Nahre Sol

Check out this cool video featuring YouTuber Nahre Sol and her reface CP.
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