25 YouTubers in One Place! Thomann Synth Reactor 2019 with 8-Bit Keys (and reface CS!)

Check out this great video from YouTuber 8-Bit Keys about his visit to Thomann Synth Reactor 2019.
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SynthBits: Zelda Song of Storms Cover With Reface DX

For all you Legend of Zelda fans out there.
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Keyboard Magazine: MODX First Impressions

Check out Stephen Fortner's thoughts on meeting MODX for the first time!
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Moessieurs Mondays: New Performances in MONTAGE OS v2.0, Part II

This week is Part 2 of the Performance Auditions in MONTAGE OS v2.0.
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Synthbits: Manuele Montesanti plays MONTAGE and Yamaha TransAcoustic at the North Sea Jazz Festival

Great performance featuring Yamaha Product Demonstrator and Artist Manuele Montesanti!

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