Music Production Guide Issue 08|2021

A cool interview and new sounds from Easy Sounds!
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FM 101, Part Five: Expanding Your Sound

Howard Massey's FM 101 series continues with more excellent FM programming tips using multiple operators.
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FM 101, Part Six: Complex Systems

Howard Massey's FM 101 series concludes with a look at parallel modulators, parallel carriers and modulator cascades.
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MONTAGE Article Roundup

All the current articles on MONTAGE through OS v3.0!

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SynthBits: Woody Piano Shack and the John Melas MODX Editor

Woody uses the John Melas MONTAGE/MODX tools to create a cool Performance and...Performs!
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Music Production Guide Issue 04|2019

Easy Sounds latest edition of the Yamaha Music Production Guide is hot off the virtual presses!
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SynthBits: Making 80s Pop Song with Budget Synths

You CAN make 80s music with affordable synthesizers!
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Sound Talking, Sound Thinking: MODX Audio Beat Sync With Scott Brackett

Scott Brackett is back with another edition of "Sound Talking, Sound Thinking". This time it's all about MODX Audio Beat Sync, creative ways to use this powerful feature, heavy philsophical concepts, and a very good dog.
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SampleRobot for MONTAGE: Sampling a MIDI Instrument

MONTAGE Owners: Check out what you can do with SampleRobot for MONTAGE.

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Moessieurs Monday: Waveform Category Search

Waveforms are the building blocks of Elements in the AWM2 engine of MONTAGE and MODX.
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Manny's FM-Xpert #5: “Everybody’s Doin’ the Knob-O-Motion”

Dr. Manny Fernandez's epic 5 part series ends with cool Super Knob programming tips and one last pun. 
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Mastering MODX: Rhythm Pattern

Creative ways to use the Rhythm Pattern feature in MODX!

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Moessieurs Monday: The MODX Vocoder, Part II

The MODX Vocoder, Part II

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