Moessieurs Monday: Quick Tone Edit on MONTAGE

Sometimes when you select a Performance in MONTAGE or MODX it is almost right.
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Mastering MODX Article Series

The Mastering MODX Article Series for Owners of the MODX Music Synthesizer!
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Mastering MODX: Controller Box Switches

In this lesson, Bad Mister introduces us to how to leverage the Controller Box Switches in MODX.
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Mastering MODX: Assignable Knobs

Bad Mister introduces us to the next lesson in leveraging the power of the MODX - using the Part Assignable Knobs.
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Mastering MODX: Navigation Tips

Find your way around MODX!
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Synthesizer Basics with the MX - Part I

Let's take a close look at the synthesizer sound engine and inside the Melas Voice Editor. This article is applicable to both the original MX series and the MX49/61 BK/BU/WH and MX88.
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