Blake's Take: YC OS v1.3

New sounds, better control, more versatility
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Music Production Guide 02|2023

Introducing CK Series
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Artists on CK

See what they're talking about!
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Global Stage: Stan Lewis

Stan Lewis jams on the YC61!
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Music Production Guide Issue 04|2022

Using Master Mode and Simon Oslender Interview.
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Tech Talk Spotlight: YC Series

Check out the YC Series videos in this Tech Talk Spotlight.
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YC61: Review Roundup

You know we're YC fans, but check out what the reviews say. 
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Mastering YC: The Keys Section

Pianos, Electric Pianos, Strings, Brass, Pads, Leads and Much More.
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Mastering YC: The Organ Section

A closer look at the new Organ Section and Rotary Speaker in the YC61 Stage Keyboard.
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Mastering YC: Connecting External Keyboards

Expand Your Keyboard Landscape.

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SynthBits: YC61 Review by Featherlight Studios

Check out this comprehensive review of the YC61 Stage Keyboard from Featherlight Studios.
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SynthBits: Dom Sigalas Explores YC61 Live Set Sounds

Check out Dom’s exploration of the Live Set Sounds of the YC61 Stage Keyboard.

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YC61 Stage Keyboard: Stefan Jernståhl Artist Profile

Stockholm-based keyboardist Stefan Jernståhl talks about the YC61 Stage Keyboard.
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YC61 Stage Keyboard: Jonas Gröning Artist Profile

Swedish pianist, keyboardist and musical director Jonas Gröning and the YC61 Stage Keyboard.
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YC61 Stage Keyboard: Live Set Sounds Video

Want to see and hear the YC61 played by a great keyboardist? Check out Jonas Gröning below!
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Behind the Synth: The YC61 Stage Keyboard

Nate and Blake explore the awesome YC61 Stage Keyboard!
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