SynthBits: FM Synthesis Video by madFame

Check out this great video from madFame!
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SynthBits: Create Huge Risers and Transitions with the FMX Engine in MONTAGE and MODX

Dom Sigalas shows you how!
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Sound Talking, Sound Thinking: The MODX Brackett Performance Collection

The last and best installment of Scott's "Sound Talking, Sound Thinking" series!
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Music Production Guide Issue 02|2019

Get the latest version of the free Music Production Guide from Easysounds NOW!
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Soundmondo for MODX

Discover new sounds for your MODX and share your own with Soundmondo, the social sound sharing website!
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Scott Brackett: The Sound Design Video!

Austin musical raconteur Scott Brackett is back with this entertaining and informative video about sound design. Read more to see his video and download his free custom MOTIF XF, MOXF, MONTAGE and MODX sound and sample content!
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Spotlight on Richard Devine: The Synthesist/Sound Designer and MODX6

"Spotlight on Richard Devine" week concludes with a cool video featuring Richard explaining how he uses MODX6 in his live set up.
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Synthbits: Synthtopia Interview with Richard Devine on Sound Design with MODX

Continuing with our "Spotlight on Richard Devine" theme, this week's Synthbits is a great interview from with Richard about sound design with MODX from Synthtopia.
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Spotlight on Richard Devine: New Album "Sort/Lave"

Fresh off of his great performance and interview during the MODX Music Synthesizer livestream on September 14, YamahaSynth is proud to announce Richard Devine's new record "Sort\Lave" available November 2. 
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Music Production Guide Issue 04|2018

That latest version of the EasySounds Music Production Guide is available now!
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Soundmondo for MONTAGE: Desktop

Soundmondo for MONTAGE is here! Check some of the things you can do!
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Manny's Modulation Manifesto: Intro to FM Synthesis

Manny's Modulation Manifesto: Intro to FM Synthesis
An FM Synthesis Programming Tutorial focusing on the Yamaha Reface DX architecture - the first in a new series.

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