Superbooth 19: Richard Devine Performance

World-renowned electronic music artist and sound designer Richard Devine performs with MODX at Superbooth 19. 
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Synthbits: What do MONTAGE, Richard Devine and the new Jaguar I-Pace have in common?

Check out why the user interaction and navigation sounds in the new Jaguar I-Pace sound so cool!
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Spotlight on Richard Devine: The Synthesist/Sound Designer and MODX6

"Spotlight on Richard Devine" week concludes with a cool video featuring Richard explaining how he uses MODX6 in his live set up.
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Synthbits: Synthtopia Interview with Richard Devine on Sound Design with MODX

Continuing with our "Spotlight on Richard Devine" theme, this week's Synthbits is a great interview from with Richard about sound design with MODX from Synthtopia.
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Spotlight on Richard Devine: MODX Livestream Performance

We continue our "Spotlight on Richard Devine" with his September 14 MODX Livestream Performance and interview with Dom Sigalas.
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Sonicstate: Richard Devine @ the Yamaha MODX Launch

Check out Richard Devine as he performs a short modular set on the MODX.
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Spotlight on Richard Devine: New Album "Sort/Lave"

Fresh off of his great performance and interview during the MODX Music Synthesizer livestream on September 14, YamahaSynth is proud to announce Richard Devine's new record "Sort\Lave" available November 2. 
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Soundmondo for MONTAGE: iOS

An overview of the Soundmondo app for iOS, now with MONTAGE support
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Soundmondo for MONTAGE: Desktop

Soundmondo for MONTAGE is here! Check some of the things you can do!
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Superbooth18 Video Roundup: All the Performances, Demos and Interviews

Lots of great content from Berlin!
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Behind the Synth: Interview with Richard Devine @ Superbooth


Check out this interview with electronic music artist and sound designer Richard Devine at Superbooth18.

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Yamaha Synthesizers at Superbooth18: May 3-5 2018

Yamaha Synthesizers at Superbooth18: May 3-5 2018
Make sure you check out the upcoming video live streams from Superbooth18!
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Superbooth18: Richard Devine

Superbooth18: Richard Devine
Electronic music artist and sound designer Richard Devine blessed us with multiple performances at Superbooth18 in Berlin, Germany. Check out his performances from days 2 and 3!
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