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BTS059: YC OS v1.2

Blake and Nate chat about YC OS v1.2.
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Introducing MONTAGE OS v3.5 and MODX OS v2.5

Smart Morph, Pattern Sequencer upgrades and more!
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Introducing CP OS v1.3

CP OS v1.3 adds new sounds and new functions to Yamaha CP73/88 Stage Pianos.
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Mastering MONTAGE: Scenes in OS v3.0

Added to the Yamaha MONTAGE OS v3.0 is the ability to link a Pattern to each of the 8 Scenes. Bad Mister shows you just how cool this is. 

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Mastering MONTAGE: Pattern Play FX in OS v3.0

In this article you'll learn how to set up your own 'groove quantize' and how to use swing quantize and Play FX to change up the feel in a Pattern. 

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Mastering MONTAGE: Pattern Sequencer Features in OS v3.0

Bad Mister takes you through the new Pattern Sequencer feature in the MONTAGE Performance Recorder.
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Moessieurs Monday: Updating MODX

MODX is a platform-based synthesizer - and taking advantage of the OS updates ensures that you have the latest sounds, effects and UI enhancements.
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Moessieurs Mondays: Updating MODX

As soon as MODX was announced, our crack team of engineers in Japan released an OS update available here.
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Introducing MONTAGE OS v1.51

Introducing MONTAGE OS v1.51
MONTAGE OS Version 1.51 has arrived! This update improves Sound, Control and Workflow - and will appeal to musicians of all types.
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