Level Up Your Gigs: Artist Pro Tips

Great tips for live performance.
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Behind the Synth: Luke Smith

Behind the Synth with Nick Semrad and Luke Smith.
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Behind The Synth: Matt Johnson

Nick Semrad interviews Jamiroquai's Matt Johnson.
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Nick Semrad Artist Notes: “How should I practice”?

An answer to the question that’s rarely asked.
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Nick Semrad Artist Notes: The Act of Comparison

Compare with Care!

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Nick Semrad Artist Notes: How to Learn to Play in Every Key

…and a few reasons why it’s unbelievably beneficial.

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Nick Semrad Artist Notes: The Importance of Ear Training

Nick shares his thoughts on the importance of ear training.
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Behind the Synth: Artists

5a_BehindtheSynths_1200x675-YS Behind the Synth: Artists
A collection of artist interviews from the past year.
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Nick Semrad Artist Notes: The Importance of Soloing

Check out the first installment of a new series from Nick Semrad.
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SynthBits: Nick Semrad Reharmonizes Traditional Hymn on CP88/73

His rendition of “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus” is beautiful.
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