MODX Review Roundup

Check out the reviews for MODX!
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Synthtopia: MODX Overview

The folks from Synthopia talk to Blake Angelos about MODX at the Launch Event.
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Sonicstate Interview with Blake Angelos @ the MODX Launch Event in NYC

Direct from the MODX Launch Event at Yamaha Artist Services NYC!
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Keyboard Magazine: MODX First Impressions

Check out Stephen Fortner's thoughts on meeting MODX for the first time!
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Spotlight on DOMi: The Pianist and MODX8

Check out this short video featuring DOMi playing MODX8 and sharing her thoughts about this incredible instrument.
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Spotlight on DOMi: MODX8 Livestream Performance

Check out DOMi playing the MODX8 live from Yamaha Artist Services NYC during the MODX Launch Event.
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Synthbits: What do MONTAGE, Richard Devine and the new Jaguar I-Pace have in common?

Check out why the user interaction and navigation sounds in the new Jaguar I-Pace sound so cool!
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Spotlight on Nicholas Semrad: MODX Livestream Performance

Check out Nicholas Semrad playing MODX7 with The Lesson GK, live fom Yamaha Artist Services NYC.
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Spotlight on Nicholas Semrad: The Keyboardist and MODX7

Check out this short video of Nicholas Semrad in his studio with MODX7. 
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Spotlight on Richard Devine: The Synthesist/Sound Designer and MODX6

"Spotlight on Richard Devine" week concludes with a cool video featuring Richard explaining how he uses MODX6 in his live set up.
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Spotlight on Richard Devine: MODX Livestream Performance

We continue our "Spotlight on Richard Devine" with his September 14 MODX Livestream Performance and interview with Dom Sigalas.
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