Signature Artist Sounds: Tobias Leo

New MONTAGE Sounds!
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Signature Artist Sounds: Michael Feiner

Deep synth sounds for MONTAGE/MODX.
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Signature Artist Sounds: Hans-Peter Henkel

Great MONTAGE and MODX sounds from HP!
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Signature Artist Sounds: Matt Johnson

Soulful Sounds for MONTAGE and MODX!
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Signature Artist Sounds: Michael Patrick

Expressive and musical sounds for MONTAGE and MODX!
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Music Production Guide Issue 04|2020

The latest Music Production Guide focuses on this new MODX feature.
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SynthBits: Dom Sigalas FM Synthesis Mega Tutorial

Dom Sigalas is back with an all-new FM Synthesis tutorial!
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Tech Talk: MONTAGE OS v3.5 Smart Morph

The replay of the June 30 edition of Tech Talk Live.
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Mastering MODX: Pattern Workflow and Control Improvements in OS v2.5

These new features streamline Pattern Sequencer operation.
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Mastering MONTAGE: Smart Morph

A New Way to Create Unique FM-X Sounds.
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Tech Talk: MONTAGE FM Basics

The basics of FM Synthesis was the topic for May 26 Tech Talk Live.
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Easy FM Programming Part 4: How to Make a Triple Oscillator Sound

In Part 4 of the Easy FM Programming learn how to create cool detuned synth sound. 
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Easy FM Programming Part 3: How to Make a Great Bass Sound

It's all about the bass in Part 3 of Easy FM!
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Behind the Synth: Close The Distance Chat NAMM 2020

Blake chats with Honolulu-based band Close The Distance.
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Dom Sigalas Explores Analog Xperience from Easy Sounds

Dom explores one of the coolest Yamaha MONTAGE and MODX Libraries.
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Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver Update for Mac OS and Windows

The latest version supports YC61 and more.

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NAMM 2020 Tech Talks

Tech Talks are product overviews from our international team of demonstrators. During NAMM 2020 we focused on MONTAGE, MODX, YC61 and CP73/88. Check out all the Tech Talks below.
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Yamaha Sessions: Blush Response x Merlin Ettore

Check out this cool Berlin-based duo. 
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Dom Sigalas Stranger Dreams Performance

Dom Sigalas's Performance is now in MONTAGE and MODX. Check out the video!

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Yamaha Sessions: Gregers

Check out this Yamaha Session with Gregers.
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