Matt Johnson on MONTAGE M

Yamaha artist Matt Johnson talks music, community, and MONTAGE M
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Blake's Take: Introducing MONTAGE M

MONTAGE M has arrived!
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MONTAGE M Sound Demo

Check out MONTAGE M in this no talking, all playing video.
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Tech Talk: MODX+

MODX PLUS some cool new upgrades!
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Blake's Take: MODX+

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MODX+ Introduction Video

MODX+ is here! Check out this short video
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Tech Talk: FM-X

Header Tech Talk Season 3
Synth programming tips from an FM guru!

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Tech Talk: FM-X Engine (MODX)

Want to enhance your sound?
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FM 101, Part Four: Going from Static to Dynamic

Part Four of FM 101 explores how sounds change over time.
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FM 101, Part Two: The Basics

Check out Part two of our FM101 Series by Howard Massey.
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Winter NAMM 2019: Interview with Don Lewis and Dr. John Chowning

We conclude our FM week with a very special interview with two legends.
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The FM-X Development Story

Development of FM Synthesis from the beginning to the MONTAGE and MODX.

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Manny's FM-Xpert #5: “Everybody’s Doin’ the Knob-O-Motion”

Dr. Manny Fernandez's epic 5 part series ends with cool Super Knob programming tips and one last pun. 
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Manny's FM-Xpert #2: "I'm Fixing a Hole Where the Timbre is Thin..."

The second article in Manny Fernandez's FM-Xpert series continues with a great study in filling out an FM-X sound. This advanced tutorial will help you add fullness and detail to FM-X sounds in your MONTAGE and MODX!
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Mastering MODX: An FM-X Exploration, Part IV

In Part 4 of "Mastering MODX: An FM-X Exploration" we take what we've learned in Parts I-III and bring it all together!
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Mastering MODX: An FM-X Exploration, Part II

Real time control over FM is one of the cool features of MODX. Part II of "Mastering MODX: An FM-X Exploration" begins where Part I left off and dives deeper into the details of real time control MODX mastery.
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Moessieurs Monday: FM-X and Easy Sounds FM-Xperience

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Mastering MODX: An FM-X Exploration, Part I

Mastering MODX: An FM-X Exploration, Part I

Want to learn more about the FM-X engine inside MODX? This article is a great place to start! 

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Moessieurs Mondays: FM-X Operator Level and Copy

This week's Moessieurs Monday continues with more about FM-X. Operator Levels are extremely important to the overall sound.
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Moessieurs Mondays: FM Basics

The powerful FM-X engine in both MONTAGE and MODX is capable of many different sounds.
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